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"Are you wet for us, mate?" #MWTease from FIGHTING FAETE @ElenaKincaid1 @SM_Fiction #MFM @

Hello Romance Lovers

It has been a while since I've jumped aboard the Mid-Week tease train, but with my latest release with Sarah Marsh and Elena Kincaid, Fighting Faete, Beyond the Veil 5, I couldn't not share this hot little scene. This is the first time our trio have come together for any sexy times, and it took a while because our Kat is a stubborn beta shifter and our hero's? Wellllll, they need a little schooling on how to pursue a woman on this side of the veil...


“Katrina, are you wet for us, mate?”

“Yes, do you want to see?” she purred, legs falling gracefully to each side.

“You make my mouth water seeing you ready for us,” Aeron said, his voice strained with desire. “I’ve thought of this moment many times since we met.”

Alak knew all too well what his brother was feeling in this moment—the same kernel of hope was beginning to burn bright in his own heart, that this glorious woman would make their lives complete. He followed Aeron onto the bed and stretched out beside Katrina while Aeron knelt by her feet, his hand slowly stroking along her calf.

“I think it’s time we quenched our thirst, brother,” Aeron said.

Alak wound his fingers through Katrina’s thick golden waves and brought her mouth up to meet his own. He knew when she suddenly sucked in a breath that Aeron had also found his target much lower, and Alak thoroughly enjoyed caressing every inch of her mouth as she chased her pleasure. When Katrina’s clever hands moved over his chest and down his stomach, he wasn’t certain that he wouldn’t embarrass himself once she reached her intended destination. The heat of her touch as she wrapped her hand around his swollen flesh was more intense than he had imagined it—and he had imagined this very scene, many times.

“Goddess, Katrina, you undo me,” he groaned into her mouth as she explored every inch of his cock with her questing fingers.

“If I make you feel a fraction of the emotions that I get running through me when either of you are near,” she panted in between kisses, “then I can almost forgive your boorish behavior since we met.”

Alak’s brain was quickly losing the ability to banter as her strokes became faster and his hips began to buck into her hold. “You haven’t exactly been the picture of feminine restraint, my dragon.”

The smile that blossomed across her face at his teasing was the most beautiful sight he’d ever seen.

“Yeah,” she said with laughter in her voice right before she threw him a wink. “I get that a lot. Now are you going to talk all night, or are you going to bring this big cock up here and give me something better to do with my mouth?”

Her laughter abruptly turned into a moan of pleasure, her body bucking under Aeron’s tongue, and Alak didn’t have to be told twice. He moved himself further up the bed until his hips were next to Kat’s head, and when he ran his fingers along her cheek, her golden eyes snapped open and she licked her full, sensuous lips.

“Mmm, come here, baby.”

The entire universe slipped away from him until all that was left was the exhilarating pleasure as soon as her lips wrapped around him and his length disappeared into her mouth.

Darkness is coming to both sides of the Veil… Katrina was born to fight. She earned her position as Beta through blood and battle and she’ll do anything to protect those she cares for, but being a hardened warrior comes with sacrifices. The aftermath of her kidnapping has her fighting harder than before, even with herself. Aeron and Alak have always known their service to the Goddess Rysanna came with a heavy responsibility, one they easily accepted. Years later, with a battle for the ages looming, a beautiful golden cougar brings all of their seemingly forgotten instincts to the surface. Will their fiery mate fight their fate, or will she embrace the gift bestowed upon them? As the trio struggle to find their path, dark emerging forces would see both the human and Fae realms fall into despair. Finding love can sometimes be the simple part … but for some, accepting it isn’t always easy.

Be Warned: menage sex (MFM), anal sex, double penetration


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