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The Wolf and his Earth Goddess #newrelease #shifters #pnr

Hello Romance Lovers,

It's alive... it's ALIVE!!! My first self-published book, a re-released edition of The Wolf and His Earth Goddess, the first book in my Shifters of Freedom Springs series, is now live.

The Wolf and his Earth Goddess

Shifters of Freedom Springs, 1


As the Earth Elemental chosen by a goddess, Casey Rika had until the first day of summer to solve her part of a prophecy, start the journey to save a Goddess caught in the Otherworld, and defeat a God hell bent on claiming what wasn't his. How hard could that be? Other people in her position might panic, some might thrive under the pressure, but Casey, well, she went camping. Her expectation was to spend time in nature and work out what the hell she was supposed to do, but in reality her trip turned to crap really damn fast. Despite being a powerful Elemental who could literally move the earth, she got shot twice, left for dead in the middle of a forest and ended up in the arms of the wolf from her dreams.

Micah Winters was a national park ranger who took his job seriously, so when his brother called to say a woman was lost in the park, despite the lack of information he supplied, Micah leapt into action. His rescue mission became a hell of a lot more personal as soon as he realized it was his mate he was rescuing. Now, Micah really only had one goal – help his mate solve the prophecy and keep her alive.

**erotic romance, paranormal, anal sex


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“Ryan.” His voice was so gravelly and harsh that Micah almost couldn’t recognize his own voice. “I’ve found her. She’s injured and she needs help.”

“Fuck me, she exists,” Ryan whispered in a shocked voice down the phone lines.

“Of course, she fucking exists!” Micah yelled back. “She’s hurt Ryan and she needs help. Now.”

“Okay, I’ll call it in, and then I’ll shift and come to you.”

“Hurry, Ry, she’s hurting and she’s—” Micah paused, almost too afraid to voice it out loud.

“She’s what?”

“She’s my mate,” Micah whispered into the phone. As soon as he had said the words out loud, he felt the rightness of them in every cell of his body. She was his mate.

“Holy. Shit!” Ryan screamed down the phone, Micah almost smiled in spite of the dire situation.

“Just get here, Ry, we are right where you said I would find her.” Micah quickly hung up, shoved the phone back into the harness, and then began to ease his woman out of her hiding place. Hiding place? Was she hiding? And if she was, from whom? Micah froze with his body in front of the opening, suddenly nervous about bringing her out into the open. He sent his senses out again, listening and scenting the air, trying to differentiate the different sounds and smells of the forest to see if there was something there that shouldn’t be. Nothing. He sensed nothing out of the ordinary. Taking the risk, he began to move her again.

Concerned that she had not even uttered a peep at the move, Micah rolled her more firmly onto her back, hunching his body over her face in order to protect her a little from the light rain that continued to fall. He unzipped her jacket and growled at the large bloodstain that marred the light gray jersey she wore beneath it on her right shoulder and farther down near her hip on the same side. Lifting her jersey aside, he saw that she had been shot. Twice.

Somebody had shot her and left her here to die? His wolf raged with the need for vengeance. Micah didn’t even attempt to stop the howl of rage that ripped from his throat. When he had calmed enough, he took the med kit from the harness and applied pressure bandages to the wounds, praying that his brother wouldn’t take too long.

She had long dark hair that was a pile of tangles and fell all over her face. In this light it was hard to tell the exact color, but it was soft to the touch as he pushed the wet mass away. His breath caught in his throat as he looked into the face of his mate for the very first time.

Beautiful simply didn’t cut it. She was fucking stunning! She had high cheekbones and full lips that begged to be kissed, and her skin was a light coffee color and absolutely perfect. Micah pressed his palm to her cold cheek, wishing that she would open her eyes, betting that they were just as beautiful as the rest of her face.

As if she had heard his wish, her eyes fluttered open and even though the light was fading, her green eyes glowed as she blinked and focused on him. Not knowing what to do or say, and to be honest he wasn’t entirely sure he could form a coherent statement at that exact moment given that his mouth had completely dried up and his tongue was stuck to the roof of it, so he opted to just stare at her.

Her tiny hand lifted and pressed to the right side of his face. The sizzle of awareness that coursed through his body at her slight touch was not a surprise now that he knew she was his. The scowl that appeared on her face was though. As were her first words to him before she passed out again.

“Well, where the hell were you when I needed you? Bloody wolf.”




Q: What do you love most about this series?

A: There is a lot of me in these books. Some of the characters are of Māori descent from New Zealand, they are sassy, proud and sarcastic, extremely loyal, and vengeful to the point of madness. I also loved the idea of a prophecy that tied strangers together, and writing the prophecy itself was a blast!

Q: So, is Casey based on you or anyone in particular?

A: Not really. There are parts of me in all my characters to be fair, and I would say that Casey has a lot of sass and sometimes pushes things a little too far with her nearest and dearest and I see that in myself, and my daughter. Genetics can be a b*tch. Could be a trait in the female gender of my family line. Probably from both sides of my family.

Q: Why is there always an element of danger or suspense in your stories, there is definitely a trend there?

A: I write what I love to read. I love books that take you on a journey, and where the characters are challenged in some way or form. I think that we as humans show our best sides in times of adversity, and that added element of urgency gives my characters the chance to have that shine through.

Q: Do your characters always come out on top?

A: Not always, but there is always a HEA for them. The world loves a trier! But it is also about the fact that love is love, and no one in this world is perfect no matter how hard they try to convince you of that fact.

Q: The Fire Goddess and her Wolves are up next. What’s in store for us on their journey?

A: A lot of love, laughter and because it is Fiona, a metric shit-ton of sarcasm to boot. The story brings forth the next stage of the prophecy and, yes there is an element of intrigue and suspense in that one too. I can’t wait for it to release on November 10 and for people to be able to see what happens!




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