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The Wolf and his

Earth Goddess

Shifters of Freedom Springs, 1

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What would you do if you featured in a prophecy that if left unsolved meant the end of the world? Casey Rika went camping!


Despite being a powerful Elemental, she got shot twice, left for dead in the middle of the forest, and ended up in the arms of the wolf from her dreams.


As the Earth Elemental chosen by a goddess, Casey had until the first day of summer to solve her part of the prophecy, and start the journey to save a goddess caught in the Otherworld, and defeat a God. How hard could that be?


Micah Winters rescue mission into the national park where he worked as a ranger, became personal as soon as he realized it was his mate he was rescuing.


Now, Micah really only had one goal - help his mate solve the prophecy and keep her alive.

Shifters of Freedom Springs Series in Reading Order


The excerpt below contain explicit adult language and sexual content. By reading any further, you are stating that you are at least 18 years of age. If you are under the age of 18, it is necessary to exit this site.

The Wolf and his Earth Goddess


All rights reserved, Maia Dylan

Thirty minutes, some soap and a hairbrush later and she was feeling almost human again. She had managed to stand and shuffle her way over to the door, when she opened it she was alone in the room. She started to shuffle back to her bed when the door opened, and Micah came in carrying a takeout bag.

“Hey!” She grinned at him. “Check me out, all mobile and shit.” He rolled his eyes, put the bag down and swept her into his arms and back onto the bed again.

“You’re feeling better then, that’s good. I brought us some breakfast.” He pulled the hospital table over to the bed and started pulling food out of the bag, reaching in again and again.

“Good lord! How many are we feeding here?” She laughed as the hospital tray was soon packed with food.

He grinned at her pulling out the last two containers. “Only you and I, but I happen to be a wolf with a pretty big appetite!” He pulled out a breakfast burrito and downed it in 2 bites. Casey wasn’t sure he even chewed. Smiling she helped herself to some of the fruit salad and a pancake. A mug of steaming hot coffee was placed in front of her and she was one happy little camper.

“So, you’re a writer?” Micah asked around his third burrito.

“Yep, I write erotic romance books,” Micah froze with his burrito half way to his mouth. Yeah, she was used to kind of reaction. So she grinned and let him process that while she munched on her breakfast.

“I’ll a- have to read some of your books sometime,” his eyes had taken on a very cool glow. Me thinks he likes that idea. They ate their full chatting and getting to know each other. The more that Casey learnt the more she liked her wolf.He was very close to his family and loyal to the core. He had a sense of humor that matched her own, and she could see a lot of laughter in their future together, potential end of the world aside. He also had a protective streak a mile wide.

“I’m not quite sure what we do now?” she asked.

“Yeah, you and me both, sweetheart,” Micah cleaned up their breakfast then moved to sit facing her on the bed. “I wasn’t exactly looking for a mate, Casey.”

Casey felt her heart shudder at a sudden thought, “Oh God, do you have a girlfriend?” Jealousy bloomed through her body with a speed that surprised her, Micah grinned, the bastard.


“No, I don’t, baby. But I do like that jealous streak you have going there. Makes my dick hard.” If he expected her to blush and get all embarrassed because he used the word dick, then he was tripping. And he had never met a woman who wrote Erotic romances for a living.

“Well, that’s good to know, and I can assure you that there are a lot of things I can do that will make your dick hard,” she winked at him when his jaw dropped open a little. “What? Did you think I’ve never seen a hard dick before or to that point never even touched one?” This time it was his eyes that sparked with jealousy and she liked it too. A lot.

“Yeah, new rule. No more talking about other dicks you’ve seen and certainly none that you’ve touched, deal?” Grinning she nodded in agreement. Then his eyes lowered to her lips. His eyes darkened when she wet her suddenly extremely dry lips. He made a low growling noise that had her creaming herself. Hot damn he was one hot shifter. His eyes suddenly changed from the steel grey to a pale blue, telling her that his wolf was near the surface.

He wrapped his hand around the nape of her neck and pulled her into him and then he just devoured her. She had no other word for it, one minute she was in control of herself and then he simply took over, leaning up and over her bending her to his will. He thrust his tongue into her mouth, gliding it over hers, twining them together and when she sucked on his tongue, he growled. Then he sucked her bottom lip into his mouth.

Pulling away she took a moment to get her equilibrium back before she opened her eyes. When she did she saw him smiling gently at her. When she smiled back he stroked his fingers over her cheek. “When you get the all clear to leave, would you come home with me?” His tone was hesitant, as if fearing her rejection. Silly wolf, did he not own a mirror?

“I think that would a bloody good idea,” she watched a smile spread across his face, one that matched her own. Then she reached up, mirrored his move from moments before and pulled him down for another kiss.

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The Wolf and his Earth Goddess

"With an interesting storyline, a smooth pace, plenty of action both in and out of the sheets, plus a multitude of amazing characters, this is definitely a book to enjoy."

Archaeolibrarian - I Dig Good Books!

"This book was so beautifully written and it shows how truly gifted Maia Dylan is. The story line is unique and the plot is just the right amounts of amazing and it kept me on my toes guessing what was coming next."

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