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Claiming Sophia

Grey River, 10

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Grey River Series in Reading Order

If they had been given a choice, they would have claimed Sophia the day they met her, but for Jack and Maurice Casey, her past and what she needed for her future took that choice away from them.


Sophia knew that she was damaged. How could she not be? Born into a cult to a mother who had been kidnapped, raped, and tortured and then terrorized by her own father. It was enough to screw anyone up! Was it any wonder that when she met two men the Fates had deemed as hers, it made her freak out so bad they had walked away?


Giving Sophia time and space to finish her degrees and become the confident young woman they knew she could be had been the hardest damn thing Jack and Maurice Casey had ever had to do. Knowing that was what she needed, they had done it. But they hadn’t gone far! Watching over her for the past year and a half has been a blessing and a curse, but when she decided she was old enough to make her own choices, and that included dating other men, the time for distance was over.


Just when they were about to prove to her they were what she needed, she was taken. Jack and Maurice must face her demons to get her back, so that they can do what they had been born to do. Claiming Sophia.

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The excerpt below contain explicit adult language and sexual content. By reading any further, you are stating that you are at least 18 years of age. If you are under the age of 18, it is necessary to exit this site.

Claiming Sophia


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“Look, ma’am,” the blue eyed on spoke with a slight Southern drawl, holding his hands out in front of him as if trying to settle a spooked horse. “I’m sorry. My brother and I didn’t mean to scare y’all. We only came here looking for two friends of ours, who told us to look for them here when we got into town. We had no idea that we’d run into, um—well, that we would walk in and find our—ah—”

“Mate.” Sophia finished for him, because that was what he was struggling to say, and apparently what she was to these two strangers.

“That’s right, love. Mate. Our mate.” This time the one with the green eyes spoke as he moved in front of blue eyes and locked his gaze on her. Sophia could hear his wolf clearly in his voice. “We felt that bond snap into place, just as you did. You are our mate, and you belong to us.”

Sophia’s mouth dropped open, and her heart stopped. You belong to us. The words seemed to echo in her mind. She was vaguely aware of her mother moving through the store to stand directly in front of her.

“You’d better watch your tongue and your tone, boy.” Judy snapped. “Before you think about anything to do with mating and my daughter, you had better start by telling me who the fuck you are. The woman behind me is my daughter and the sister of the Grey River Pack alphas. If you ever hope to be allowed to even have a conversation with her, you had better get to telling me who the hell you are, and what you are doing in our town!”

“Ma’am, please ignore my asshat brother.” Sophia watched as Blue Eyes pushed past his brother. “We are as taken aback as you are by the turn of events here today. We had no idea that we would walk in and find our mate. Hell, we had no idea until we were almost in the damn door because of all the scents and smells in this store. But we came at the request of two friends, who, judging from the scent on the lady there with the purple streaks in her hair, know her very, very well.”

“You know Hunter and Dane?” Xanthe asked.

“Yes, ma’am.” Blue Eyes nodded. “My name is Jack Casey. And this here is my brother, Maurice. We’ve been working on a missing persons case for Hunter and Dane, and we have some information for them. When we realized that the woman they were searching for was heading in this direction, we thought we’d beat her here and let them know.”

Sophia leaned into her mom, when the room filled with an essence so strong, and so powerful that it seemed to change the air pressure in the store.

“You had better tell me,” Trent Jamieson’s voice was slightly garbled by his wolf, his eyes blazing the arctic blue of their kind, and his dominance an almost tangible presence in the room, “why in the fuck I should let two rogue wolf bastards live when they have scared my mother and my sister, because I’m telling you, if I don’t like the answer, I’m simply going to rip your fucking throats out.”

“You and your brother gave us rights to enter your lands, Alpha,” Maurice answered, his wolf clear in his voice as well, and his eyes blazing blue. “When our team helped to bring Baxter under control, you gave our team leader the right to enter.”

Sophia’s heart began to beat even faster. Something she was sure was going to mean an imminent heart attack. The threat of violence was very, very real.

“You’re Enforcers?” Trent snapped. “With Hunter’s and Dane’s team?” When both nodded, Trent dipped his head in acknowledgment, then stepped toward them. He seemed to swell in size and a low, continuous growl rumbled from his chest. The pressure built around them even further, and Jack and Maurice Casey both wavered under it. Before tilting their heads to bare their throats, growling their displeasure at Trent’s obvious superior dominance over the two.

“You may have permission to be here,” Trent snarled, “but you have no fucking right to my sister. Do you fucking hear me? I don’t give a flying rat’s ass that you are Enforcers, and I sure as shit don’t care that you think the Fates have deemed you worthy of a mate like Sophia, because I’m here to tell you that’s bullshit. You ain’t worthy of her, and you may never be.”

Sophia’s heart broke a little. Not worthy of her? No, it was her who was damaged, her who was unworthy. She couldn’t stop the whimper that broke from her, and she almost cried out in relief when her mom turned and wrapped Sophia in her arms.

“Alpha,” Jack said in a clear voice, his wolf completely gone. “You know as well as we do that you cannot pick who the Fates have chosen for you. Once the mating bond snaps into place, the people involved are connected together in a way that can never be severed.”

“But you can block it.” Sophia heard Xanthe’s answer, and she felt another crack through her heart. Would they do that? She had no idea how she felt about that. “I know that it’s possible to block it. I’ve felt that moment when the mating bond snaps into place, and the feelings are overwhelming. You feel like you’ve lost a part of yourself and can no longer function alone. For some women, I’m sure that must be frightening as hell. Look at Sophia. Look at her.”

When they turned in her direction, Sophia knew exactly what they were seeing. A terrified young woman, clutching onto her mother with everything she had. She knew in that moment that they would turn away from her, block off the bond like Xanthe said they could. Why on earth would two men, two wolf shifters, want to stay with a mate who was so so scared? So obviously broken and damaged and—used. She buried her face in her mother’s shoulder. Then heard her bother growl once more. This was it. God, how she abhorred violence, and the feel of it swelling within the room had her stomach roiling.

“Stop!” Xanthe yelled suddenly, but Sophia couldn’t bring herself to lift her head. “The last thing that woman needs is for you three to suddenly decide to rumble in front of her. Jesus Christ, she has seen enough violence in her life to last twelve lifetimes. So, would you please show some restraint and think of her?”

There was no sound at all except for Sophia’s own ragged breathing. She couldn’t stop the tears or the trembling that rocked her. She was absolutely pathetic.

“Mom,” Trent said, and although his wolf no longer echoed in his words, his voice still rang with authority and anger. “Take Sophia next door. Rowena and her mates are there waiting for you.” Judy didn’t respond, just moved slowly, turning Sophia to help her walk out the door that led to the back of the shop. Sophia kept her head down as they walked outside. Away from her mates.

Despite the ache that thought caused in her chest. She knew it was the right thing to do. No matter what, they deserved better. Someone perfect. Someone who could love them—and be loved by them. Not someone broken, someone damaged. Not someone like her.

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